CCS Talent

CCS Talent

Specialist Recruitment Assistance for the Global Carbon Sequestration Sector

CCS Talent, run by the PowerPlantCCS team, is the only dedicated global recruitment platform for specialized, high quality talent for the global carbon capture & storage sector.

Talk to us whether you are a recruiter, or whether you are a professional looking for a high quality career opportunity in carbon sequestration.

CCS Talent Provides Recruitment Assistance for

CO2 Capture

CO2 Transport

CO2 Storage

  • CO2 capture at Power Plants and other large CO2 emitters
    • Chemicals & petrochemicals
    • Iron & steel
    • Cement
    • Paper & pulp
    • Metals & minerals
  • For pre-combustion capture
  • Post combustion capture, and
  • Oxy-fuel combustion
  • Emerging avenues such as CO2 capture using algae
  • Pipeline-based CO2 Transport
  • Rail & Road-based CO2 Transport
  • Geological CO2 storage
  • Ocean-based CO2 storage
  • CO2 storage by conversion to minerals such as CaCO3

Who Does CCS Talent Benefit?

CCS Solutions Providers, Power Plant Operators & Other CO2 Emitting Industries

CCS Talent is a great place for CCS solutions providers, power plant and other CO2 emitting industries to find exceptional professional talent

CCS Engineers & Operations Professionals

High quality engineering & design talent looking for satisfying roles in the carbon capture & storage domain will vastly benefit from CCS Talent.


Why is CCS Talent Different from a Traditional Recruiting Firm?

We can provide you with professionals who are an order of magnitude higher qualitythan those from traditional recruitment firms, and absolutely fitting your specialist requirements

The success of a company in a critical and emerging sector such as CCS is quite dependent on the quality of people it employs. Which is why it is critical that you work with a recruitment firm specializing in your domain to ensure that you are able to hire professionals who can make a significant difference to your company.

  • We have been providing support services to the global cleantech and sustainability industry for over a decade
  • As we are well known in the cleantech and climate change sectors, and owing to the popularity of our web site among the industry professionals, high quality professionals seek our assistance while looking for new career opportunities.
  • As we are not a pure play recruiting firm but also provide research and consulting services to the cleantech/sustainability sectors, we can understand your professional requirements as a fellow corporate in the same sector from strategic as well as operational perspectives, unlike a horizontal HR consultant or company.

Roles for Which CCS Talent Can Assist in Recruitment

Researchers & Scientists Mechanical, Chemical & Process Engineers> Operations & Project Managers Policy & Regulatory Affairs Managers
We can assist in identifying expert scientific research professionals for work in carbon capture & storage We can identify high quality engineers for design and implementation of technologies & processes for carbon capture & storage Experienced managers to manage CCS projects & operations Experienced professionals to understand and analyse the various regulatory dimensions in CCS, and dealing with the necessary stakeholders on a regular basis
  Interested in Taking CCS Talent Assistance?
  • If you are looking for high quality, specialised talentfor your firm in the sector, send a note to [email protected] with brief details about your company, country/city, brief job description and contact details. We will get in touch with you shortly and provide you details on how we can work with you on your requirements.
  • If you are a professional looking for a new opportunity in the carbon capture & storage sector, send your latest resume to [email protected], along with brief inputs of your aspirations, specifics in terms of type of firm & role, location etc., in the covering letter.

We look forward to assisting you in building a cleaner, sustainable world.

CCS Talent wishes you all the best!