Vattenfall Schwarze Pumpe project - Definition, glossary, details

The objective of this project initiated by Vattenfall is to validate the engineering work, to gain better understanding about the working of oxyfuel combustion technology and demonstrate such capture technology. This project is also known as the CO2-Free Power Plant Project. The 30 MW coal fired pilot plant combusts lignite and hard coal in a mixture of oxygen and recirculated CO2 containing water vapour. The flue gas is then treated and contaminants are removed. The water will then be condensed and the concentrated CO2 compressed into a liquid. The capture capacity of the Schwarze Pumpe plant is approximately 75,000 tonnes per year. The CO2 capture rate is over 90%, and the plant had captured approximately 1000 tonnes of CO2 using the oxyfuel method.

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Voluntary Emission Reduction (VER) Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS)

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