Smart Grid - Definition, glossary, details

Smart grid refers to the new energy grid technology that provide utilities, grid operators and energy consumers with real time information on energy use and the ability to automatically manage energy supply and demand. Advanced smart grids allow energy users to reduce pressure on the grid by automatically turning off non-essential and high energy consuming systems like washing machine, electric car rechargers during peak demand hours. It is also known as ‘energy internet’ and they are regarded as essential to improving energy efficiency.

Other Terms

Sleipner gas field Supercritical and Ultra-supercritical boiler combustion Slash and Burn
Saline Aquifers Stripper Soil Carbon
Soil Carbon Sequestration Supercritical power plants Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6)
Structured Adsorbent Super Grid

Power Plant CCS - Glossary

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