Biofuel - Definition, glossary, details

Biofuel refers to a fuel that is produced from organic matters. Biofuels are made predominantly from energy crops like palm oil, sugar cane and rape seed. The second generation biofuels are capable of producing fuels from non-food based crops like algae and waste organic matter. The plants have the tendency to store carbon dioxide in them thereby helping in removing greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. Use of biofuels avoids the need for investment in new low carbon vehicle technologies. The critics argue that increase in production of biofuels would result in depletion of forests and increase pressure on agricultural lands.

Other Terms

Biochar Biological Sequestration Biomass Cofiring
Bioremediation Briquetting Baling
Basel Convention Baseline Emissions Biomass
Black Carbon Biodiversity Base Year
Bundled offsets

Power Plant CCS - Glossary

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