Latest research articles-Mineral carbonation


• Rates and Mechanisms of Mineral Carbonation in Peridotite: Natural Processes and Recipes for Enhanced, in situ CO2 Capture and Storage (Kelemen et al.,)         More    

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• Mineral Carbonation for Long-term CO2 Storage: an Exergy Analysis (Ron Zevenhoven, Inga Kavaliauskaite)       More

• Capture and Sequestration of CO2 Produced by In-Situ Combustion Pilot Project, Orinoco Oil Belt, Venezuela: A Mineral Carbonation Laboratory Assessment (Perez et al.,)           More

• Dissolution of serpentine using recyclable ammonium salts for CO2 mineral carbonation (Wang et al.,)                   More

• Sequestering CO2 by Mineral Carbonation: Stability against Acid Rain Exposure (Daniel J. Allen and Geoff F. Br)      More

• Aqueous Carbonation of Natural Brucite: Relevance to CO2 Sequestration (Liang et al.,)        More


• Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Cement Kiln Dust through Mineral Carbonation (Deborah et al.,)    More

• Mineral carbonation process for CO2 sequestration (Prigiobbe et al.,) More

• Experimental study on capturing CO2 greenhouse gas by mixture of ammonia and soil (Ying et al)       More

• CO2 capture from flue gases using a fluidized bed reactor with limestone ( Fan Fang et al.,  )       More

• Mineral sequestration of CO2 by aqueous carbonation of coal combustion fly-ash ( Montes et al)     More

• CO2 mineral sequestration in oil-shale wastes from Estonian power production (Mai Uibu et al.,)     More

• Sequestration of CO2 in Mixtures of Caustic Byproduct and Saline Waste Water (Dilmore et al)      More


• Gas–solid carbonation kinetics of Air Pollution Control residues for CO2 storage Valentina et al)      More

 Carbonation of alkaline paper mill waste to reduce CO2 greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere (Perez et al )     More

• Carbon dioxide sequestration by mineral carbonation ( W J J Huijgen, R N J Comans)      More

• Mineral carbonation for carbon sequestration in cement kiln dust from waste piles (Deborah et al )     More

• Mineral Carbonation of CO2   (Oelkers et al)     More


• Precipitation in the Mg-carbonate system—effects of temperature and CO2 pressure (Markus et al.,)      More

• Heat optimisation of a staged gas–solid mineral carbonation process for long-term CO2storage (Ron et al., )       More


• Chemical fixation of CO2 in carbonates: Routes to valuable products and long-term storage (Ron et al.,)      More

• Mineral CO2 Sequestration by Steel Slag Carbonation (Wouter et al.,) More

  • Process for sequestration of carbon dioxide by mineral carbonation  (Geerlings et al 2010)      Read more
  • Carbon dioxide sequestration using alkaline earth metal-bearing minerals(Park et al., 2005)     Read more