The PowerPlantCCS Story resulted from a discussion the two founders - Manohar Namasivayam and Narasimhan Santhanam - were having about the latest in CO2 sequestration efforts worldwide. The two had earlier co-founded Oilgae, which has evolved into a catalyst for the global algal fuel industry through its online resources, publications and research support.

The discussion mentioned earlier resulted from the review the Oilgae team was doing about the efforts for using algae as a CO2 sequestration agent. It was quite clear that while algae had significant potential to provide a more sustainable solution for the CO2 sequestration problem than many of the current mainstream efforts, there were a number of critical aspects to be resolved before algae-based CO2 sequestration became a reality. What was also clear was that while there were a few efforts (about a dozen of them) towards this worldwide, these efforts were disconnected from each other, resulting in little co-operation and co-ordination.

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The two founders, after the discussion, felt it is worth doing a research on other novel methods for CO2 sequestration outside of the mainstream methods being attempted. A research effort was undertaken over the next three months. As a result, the founders realized that there were two other concepts with high potential for CO2 abatement - (1) power plants that used bio-feedstock instead of coal, and (2) storing CO2 as a mineral carbonate. Along with algae-based CO2 sequestration, these concepts had the potential to be a viable alternative to CO2 sequestration at power plants if significant research efforts were undertaken.

With the above inputs forming the background, the founders realized the need for an online hub that focussed on  providing the latest inputs on the innovations and novel ideas being attempted for CO2 sequestration at power plants. This was the beginning of PowerPlantCCS. The site was started in Jan 2010. We are thus very young, but because of our focus on this critical topic, we hope to start making a difference very soon.