GreenGen - Project Profile

GreenGen, China.
(250/800 MW Project).

GreenGen Project was initiated by China Huaneng Group (CHNG) in 2004, which aims to research, develop and demonstrate a coal-based power generation system without pollutants and CO2 emission. GreenGen Project is similar in key technologies, development process, objectives, tasks, etc. with some other plans or projects in the world, such as FutureGen in the U.S. and ZeroGen in Australia.

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In order to effectively promote the GreenGen Project, CHNG and several other energy companies founded GreenGen Co., Ltd. GreenGen Project consists of three stages in which mission of the first stage is to build an IGCC demonstration unit and master key technologies. The second and third stages aim to master the IGCC + CCS key technologies and build a CCS demonstration power plant in China, which will help to achieve near-zero emissions coal-fired power generation targets. As the first stage of GreenGen Project, Tianjin IGCC demonstration power plant plans to put into operation in 2011.

Meanwhile, some syngas will be extracted to a small-scale CCS pilot for testing CO2 capture technologies. GreenGen Co., Ltd. will initiate an industrial-scale IGCC+CCS demonstration project with the estimated capacity of 450MW, when the technologies are available.