Total Lacq - Project Profile

Total Lacq, France

Projects funded by the French National Research Agency CO2 program: "Sentinelle", "Gaz Annexes" .The project entails the conversion of a steam boiler into an oxy-fuel combustion unit, oxygen being used for combustion rather than air to obtain a more concentrated CO2 stream easier to capture. The pilot plant, which will produce some 40 t/h of steam for use other facilities, will emit up to 150,000 tons of CO2 over a 2-year period, which will be compressed and conveyed via pipeline to a depleted gas field, 30 kilometers away, where to be injected into a deep carbonate reservoir.

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Construction work was completed in January 2009, and commissioning of the plant happened in mid 2009. These stages are being followed by a 2 year test period firing natural gas. TOTAL plan to capture and store 75,000 tonnes of CO2 per year through the oxycombustion process.

The Lacq Pilot Project is testing the entire CO2 capture and storage process, and the project includes an integrated CO2 capture process with a 30MWth oxycombustion steam boiler, CO2 transportation via a 30 km pipeline and CO2 storage into a depleted gas reservoir.