About Power Plant CCS

PowerPlantCCS was started with the objective of providing the latest inputs on the innovations and novel ideas being attempted for CO2 sequestration at power plants.

Power plants are the single largest CO2 emitter industry worldwide. As a result, there are clear mandates for power plants to significantly reduce their emissions. Over the years, certain mainstream CO2 capture and sequestration technologies have been accepted as being the most practical.

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One the capture front, the following have gained acceptance: (1) Pre-combustion technique for capture; (2) Oxy-fuel combustion; (3) Post-combustion capture. On transportation of the CO2, the two avenues being considered are pipeline transportation and road and/or water transporation. On storage, the three main storage avenues being considered are depleted oil fields (for enhanced oil recovery), saline acquifers, and coal beds (for recovery of coal bed methane).

Within these mainstream concepts, there are a number of innovations being explored. Outside of these mainstream avenues, there are novel processes and technologies being tried out. PowerPlantCCS is focussed on providing inputs and insights on these innovations - within and without the mainstream routes.

PowerPlantCCS.com site was started in Jan 2010. The team works out of Chennai. It is part of Clixoo, a company with a focus on providing sustainability support.